The Pocket Holster For the RUGER® LCP®

The Pocket Holster For the RUGER® LCP®

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The Pocket Holster (black)

For the:

RUGER® LCP® (Original and Custom) 

Handmade in the USA!

We keep it simple for a reason, no stitching to come undone just high quality components that give you options on how you carry all year long! 

Heavy weight Bullhide leather (Bullhide is stiffer and more uniform than cowhide that most others use)

Has a removable/reversible anti-print panel! This means it can be left hand or right hand! Take the panel off for a smaller profile or to use in your front pockets! Can remove screws with a dime! Comes with a tuckable IWB clip that can be used on either side of the holster!

Molded left and right thumb push offs, makes it easy to draw!

Made to go into almost any pocket, left, right back, front, chest, coat and more!

Your handmade holster is made one at a time and no two will be the same!

There have been many copies of our holster since we started making them in 2010, but ours is still the most simple design, with zero failures!